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            2003 Boumerdès earthquake

            2007 Tuareg rebellion

            Afara, Algeria

            Al-Quds Street

            Algeria in the 1830s

            Algeria in the 1840s

            Algeria in the 1860s

            Algeria in the 1870s

            Algeria in the 1880sAlgeria in the 1880s

            Algeria in the 1900s

            Algeria in the 1910s

            Algeria in the 1920sAlgeria in the 1920s

            Algeria in the 1930s

            Algeria in the 1940s

            Algeria in the 1950s

            Algeria in the 1960sAlgeria in the 1960s

            Algiers Amirauté Lighthouse

            Ali Bouyahiaoui Neighbourhood

            Amir Sayoud

            Ancient Roman theater in Guelma


            AngolaFeatured Video Play Icon

            Annaba in art

            Bab El OuedBab El Oued


            Barbary CoastBarbary Coast

            Base aérienne 141 Oran la Sénia

            Base aérienne 145 Colomb-Béchar

            Basilique de Tébessa

            Beaches of Boumerdès

            Bella people

            Ben Aknoun

            Ben Osmane


            BhutanFeatured Video Play Icon

            Bosnia & Herzegovina

            Boumerdès Bay

            Boumerdès Cemetery

            Bridges in ConstantineBridges in Constantine

            Buildings in Aïn Defla Province

            Buildings in AlgiersBuildings in Algiers

            Buildings in Annaba

            Buildings in Batna

            Buildings in Béchar

            Buildings in BéjaïaBuildings in Béjaïa

            Buildings in Biskra

            Buildings in Blida

            Buildings in Bordj Bou Arréridj

            Buildings in Boumerdès

            Buildings in Constantine

            Buildings in Djelfa

            Buildings in Jijel

            Buildings in MédéaBuildings in Médéa

            Buildings in MostaganemBuildings in Mostaganem

            Buildings in Oran

            Buildings in Oum El Bouaghi

            Buildings in Saïda

            Buildings in Sidi Bel Abbès

            Buildings in Souk Ahras

            Buildings in Tamanrasset

            Buildings in Tébessa

            Buildings in Tizi Ouzou

            Burma (Myanmar)

            Burma (Myanmar)Featured Video Play Icon


            BurundiFeatured Video Play Icon


            CambodiaFeatured Video Play Icon

            Cemeteries in Batna

            Central African Republic

            Central African RepublicFeatured Video Play Icon


            ChadFeatured Video Play Icon


            ChinaFeatured Video Play Icon

            Cirta National Museum

            Cities in Aïn Defla Province

            Cities in Tiaret Province

            Coats of arms of Algeria under French rule

            Coats of arms of Algiers

            Coats of arms of Constantine

            Coats of arms of Médéa

            Coats of arms of Oran

            Concentration camps in AlgeriaConcentration camps in Algeria


            CongoFeatured Video Play Icon

            Constantine 1 University


            CroatiaFeatured Video Play Icon


            CubaFeatured Video Play Icon

            Cultural heritage monuments in Mila

            Culture of Aïn Defla Province

            Culture of Algiers

            Culture of Annaba

            Culture of Batna

            Culture of Bouira

            Culture of Djelfa

            Culture of French Algeria

            Culture of Jijel

            Culture of Khenchela

            Culture of North Africa

            Culture of Souk Ahras

            Culture of Tébessa

            Culture of TlemcenCulture of Tlemcen

            Demonstrations and protests for the freedom of Salim Yezza in Oum El Bouaghi

            Departments of French Algeria

            Djamaa El-Kebir mosque


            DominicaFeatured Video Play Icon

            Economy of Aïn Defla Province

            Economy of Algiers

            Economy of Batna

            Economy of Biskra

            Economy of Constantine

            Economy of Sétif

            Economy of Tamanrasset

            Economy of Tlemcen


            Education in Biskra

            Education in Blida

            Education in Bordj Bou Arréridj

            Education in Jijel

            Education in OranEducation in Oran

            El Madania

            Equestrian statue of Emir Abdelkader, Mascara

            ES Guelma

            Events in BatnaEvents in Batna

            Events in Tizi Ouzou

            Festival international des danses populaires de Sidi Bel Abbès

            Forest Batna

            Former Spanish possessions in North Africa

            Fountains in SétifFountains in Sétif

            Gare de Guelma

            Gare de Sidi Bel Abbès

            Gare de Souk Ahras

            Geography of Aïn Defla Province

            Geography of Algeria

            Geography of Algiers

            Geography of Annaba

            Geography of Bejaia

            Geography of Jijel

            Geography of Northern Africa

            Geography of Oran

            Geography of Sétif

            Geography of Tiaret Province

            Government General of AlgeriaGovernment General of Algeria

            Government of Algiers


            Hammam Essalihine

            Historical flags of Algeria under French rule

            Historical images of bedouins in AlgeriaHistorical images of bedouins in Algeria

            Historical images of bedouins in Tunisia

            Historical images of BejaiaHistorical images of Bejaia

            Historical images of BiskraHistorical images of Biskra

            History of Aïn Defla Province

            History of Algiers

            History of Annaba

            History of Béjaïa

            History of Bouira

            History of Constantine

            History of El Bayadh

            History of Jijel

            History of Khenchela

            History of North AfricaHistory of North Africa

            History of Sétif

            History of Tlemcen

            Hocine Mekiri Street

            Hydra, Algiers Province


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            Ksar Ghardaïa

            Leisure activities in Algiers

            Leisure activities in Batna

            Leisure activities in Oran

            Leisure activities in Tamanrasset


            LuxembourgFeatured Video Play Icon


            MadagascarFeatured Video Play Icon


            MalawiFeatured Video Play Icon


            MaldivesFeatured Video Play Icon

            Maps of Batna

            Maps of French Algeria

            Maps of Mostaganem

            Maps of Tamanrasset

            Maps of the Tuareg people

            Maps of Tizi Ouzou

            Marshall Islands

            Marshall IslandsFeatured Video Play Icon

            Médéa University


            Middle East and North Africa

            Monuments and memorials in Constantine, AlgeriaMonuments and memorials in Constantine, Algeria

            Monuments historiques in French Algeria

            Monuments of Algeria

            Moufdi Zakaria


            MozambiqueFeatured Video Play Icon

            Museum of Ouargla

            Nature of Aïn Defla Province

            Nature of Algeria

            Nature of Batna

            Nature of Oran

            Nature of Tiaret Province

            Near East South Asia Center for Strategic StudiesNear East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies

            Neolithic art in El Bayadh

            North African diaspora


            NorwayFeatured Video Play Icon

            Objects in Aïn Defla Province

            Objects of Algeria

            Oran Small ZooOran Small Zoo

            Oued Koriche


            PalauFeatured Video Play Icon

            Papua New Guinea

            Papua New GuineaFeatured Video Play Icon

            People of Aïn Defla Province

            People of Algeria under French rulePeople of Algeria under French rule

            People of Annaba

            People of Batna

            People of Blida

            People of BoumerdèsPeople of Boumerdès

            People of Constantine

            People of Mascara

            People of Mostaganem

            People of North Africa

            People of OranPeople of Oran

            People of Relizane

            People of Sidi Bel Abbès

            People of Souk Ahras

            People of Tiaret Province

            People of Tizi OuzouPeople of Tizi Ouzou

            People of Tlemcen


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            PhilippinesFeatured Video Play Icon


            Political geographyPolitical geography

            Populated places in Tiaret Province

            Port of Mostaganem


            PortugalFeatured Video Play Icon

            Post of Médéa

            Postcards of Annaba

            Postcards of Guelma

            Postcards of Souk-Ahras

            Quality images of Batna

            Quality images of Constantine

            Quarters of Batna

            Quarters of Jijel

            Radio Aurès

            Rempart Byzantin de Tébessa

            Rhummel waterfalls

            Rockshots Records

            Russian FederationRussian Federation

            Saint Lucia

            Saint LuciaFeatured Video Play Icon


            SamoaFeatured Video Play Icon

            Science in Algiers

            Sculptures in Algeria under French ruleSculptures in Algeria under French rule


            SerbiaFeatured Video Play Icon

            Sidi Kebir

            Sierra Leone

            Sierra LeoneFeatured Video Play Icon

            Signs in Aïn Defla Province

            Signs in Tiaret Province

            Slave trade in North Africa


            SlovakiaFeatured Video Play Icon


            SloveniaFeatured Video Play Icon

            Society of Algiers

            Society of French Algeria

            South Sudan

            South SudanFeatured Video Play Icon


            SpainFeatured Video Play Icon

            Sports in AlgiersSports in Algiers

            Sports in Jijel

            Sports in Oum El Bouaghi

            Sports in Sidi Bel Abbès

            Stade Imam Lyes

            Streets in Médéa


            SudanFeatured Video Play Icon

            Sunsets of Mostaganem

            Symbols of French Algeria

            Symbols of OranSymbols of Oran

            Tamanrasset Airport

            Télécabine de Chréa

            Télécabine de Constantine

            Things named after Algiers

            Things named after Constantine

            Things named after Constantine, Algeria

            Things named after Mascara

            Things named after Mascara, Algeria

            Things named after Oran

            Tirailleurs algériensTirailleurs algériens

            Tlemcen National Park


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            Trams in Sidi bel Abbès

            Trans-Saharan trade

            Transport in Aïn Defla Province

            Transport in Annaba

            Transport in Bejaia

            Transport in ConstantineTransport in Constantine

            Transport in Jijel

            Transport in Mostaganem

            Transport in Oran

            Transport in Ouargla

            Transport in Tissemsilt

            Transport in TlemcenTransport in Tlemcen

            Tuareg by country

            Tuareg languages

            Tuareg women


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            TurkeyFeatured Video Play Icon

            Unidentified locations in North Africa

            Université Kasdi Merbah de Ouargla

            Université Saâd Dahlab de Blida

            University of Mostaganem


            UruguayFeatured Video Play Icon

            US Biskra

            Videos from Batna

            Views of Aïn Defla Province

            Views of Boumerdès

            Views of the Casbah

            Views of the Casbah, Algiers

            Views of Tiaret ProvinceViews of Tiaret Province

            Vital records in french Algeria

            WA TlemcenWA Tlemcen

            Waste management in Oran

            WikiProject Algeria




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