Syd and the saints

The Syd Shine Dance Orchestra, A dance band that played in the Crescent Ballroom.

Syd and The Saints…..A showband in the ’60s. Among whose members were…

Peter Keigherty, Lead Guitar,

Joe Flynn, Bass Guitar,

Frankie summers, Drums.

Frankie McDonald, Trumpet.

Liam Meade, Trombone.

Syd Shine, Hammond Organ.

Finbar O’Keefe, Vocals, Guitar and 2nd Trumpet.

 ? O’Sullivan, Vocals.

The Hillbillies

Ray Lynam

Kevin Sheerin

Johnny Lynam

Billy Burgoyne

John Ryan

Mick Lube

Billy Condon

The Story

In 1969, Ray Lynam was the lead singer in a local midlands band called The Merrymen. They played local hops and relief to the big bands. (Source: RTE) One of the most distinctive ‘real’ country singers to emerge from the Irish club and showband scene, Ray started out in ’60s singing covers of Rolling Stones’ hits when he was lead singer with his first band, The Merrymen, while still attending the local Carmelite College Secondary School in Moate. It wasn’t long before they attracted the attention of Mick Clerkin of Release Records who signed them to a recording deal and they changed their name to the Hillbillies, turning fully professional in early 1970.     

Doc Carroll’s Nightrunners Showband

Tony Allen

Tom Allen

Doc Carroll

After nearly 10 years with the Royal Blues Showband, singer/guitarist Doc Carroll decided it was time to go out on is own. His last single with the Royal Blues, released in May, 1971 was called “Night Runners,” the same name he chose for his new band, The Nightrunners. The new band would debut in the famous Pontoon Ballroom on St. Patrick’s Night, 1972. The band was being managed by Michael Flanagan (a Crossmolina native who lived in Newmarket for eight years, and moved to Athlone in 1972).

The record did not chart, but the band was doing steady business and for the next two years, all was well with the Nightrunners. In June 1975, Doc had apparently had enough and left the band to form another band called the Doc Carroll All-Stars. The Nightrunners, kept going and promoted Tony Allen as the band’s new lead singer.

The new line-up was announced in November, 1975, but within a year, the band was gone with Tom Allen fronting a “new” band called the Sailors.